Choice, Choices, Who Chooses?

We are usually not even aware enough to know that we have a choice in every moment and every situation. This choice can be based on something other than that given situation. This choice I am speaking about is connected to the immediate situation, but not entirely. We are not usually truly aware in most situations, which is why the choices that are made are not truly our own choices.


We assume that we are continuously making choices, but is this really true? It would be better to ask, who is really making these choices. Is this choice really based on my true form, or is it the ego’s manipulation that determines what is decided?

The first level of a thought in our mind would appear to function on the basis of a hand in hand cooperation with the oneness. We could also say that the human consciousness is able to sense the universal consciousness in the background of our human existence. This is where our awareness plays such an important role. Our level of awareness determines how we decide. Our minds are continually in a thinking process. The mind just does what it does, without the need for pondering or debating. Our level of instinctive thinking operates quite well without the human factors.  (more…)

Muddy Water and Cloudy Consciousness

Everyone has experienced the affect of muddy water. It distorts a clear perception of any body of water; whether flowing or passive. Muddy water is a result of interaction with the waters nature state of existence. The mud originates from excess “baggage” that has been added to the water. This “excess baggage” could be any number of things such as dirt, sand or decomposed wood. This is an excellent example in considering how object (life-form) existence can influence the flow of conscious life energy.



Imagine a clear mountain spring with a small stream flowing from it. The water is crystal clear. The stream meanders down the mountain side. It is in the nature of things for the pure water to pick up object content as it flows. This could be leaves, wood, sand etc. The newly added object content will be absorbed by the water. We could refer to this content as “details” of the water. The water will assimilate any object to reduce unnecessary manipulation or restriction of its flowing. The properties of any given object become that of the water and visa-versa.  (more…)

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

This well known childhood rhyme is considered to be a paraphrase from the 1800 century poem by William Blake “The Liar”. I do not wish to write to you today about the good and the bad aspects of being a liar; at least not from the standpoint of strictly human daily existence activities. There is something purely spiritual to be experienced in what we have defined as lying. Lie about something; anything, and experience the energy vibration that results from this lie. This is our conversation for today. The energy vibrations that are activated by a liar are destructive to conscious awakening and reuniting with universal consciousness.


The awakening process consists of layers. A turning point in enlightenment may come to a person when he or she recognizes that spiritual (life-form and self) unification and expansion involves accepting who you are as a life-form. A liar is not able to comprehend; much less accept his or her own nature as a human being. The term (liar) is in reference to the denial of this human nature that is and always will be a part of the totality at this moment in our existence.

This conversation may still seem vague but we are considered the manifestation of conscious energy. The complexity arises though any attempt from the level of a life-form to clarify something that cannot truly be clarified. Recognition of individual human behavior mannerisms is necessary before true awareness to universal consciousness can be developed. Life energy consciousness flows through all objects. It is the totality of space consciousness that nurtures both the unmanifested and manifested dimensions. The distinction between unmanifested and manifested is really just a mind game. We are becoming more and more aware of the mind and the games it loves to play. Head games are any and all interference to the conscious energy that surrounds you and manifests through you. These mental games are the sub-conscious conditioned reactions and responses to any situation. A person that is fearful will sense the flow of universal consciousness but automatically restrict or completely block the frequency of this energy consciousness. This is common in a state of non-awareness. (more…)

Bubbles Bubbles Toil and Troubles

The passage from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” “Double Double Toil and Trouble” is well known in western culture; probably worldwide. I would like to make a slight alteration to this passage. Bubbles Bubbles Toil and Troubles suggests the predicament that humankind has been experiencing for millenniums.


The witches from “Macbeth” used a cauldron to cook a charm that was actually a poison potion. The ingredients were added and the mixture boiled. There were bubbles floating from the cauldron. These bubbles floated around the witches as they added more ingredients. This is a wonderful masterpiece from William Shakespeare that is based partially on fantasy. What does this story reflect about human beings, consciousness or oneness?

Writers Helping Writers

I took writing to the next level in 2015 with the publication of my first book “One Moment in Life”. I; as other writers, am interested in sharing what I have written. This is not as easy as it may first sound. Worldwide communication networks have given us opportunities that were non-existent fifty years ago. Any written material can be passed on from one person to any other worldwide in minutes. A promising writer may feel that this global networking will ensure the probability of his or her book being read by many people.


A global network does not necessarily mean that what you wish to share will be read or shared. Many writers and especially new authors experience this after publication. Indie Authors have considerable difficulty in becoming recognized as an author. There are many possibilities for a person to promote his or her book but there is no guaranteed method for introducing a new book to the reader.


World Student Day

World Student Day is being celebrated today. World Student Day could be summarized in one word; sharing. It is a day to bring young people from different cultural backgrounds together to communicate with each other. The origin of this date commemorates an event that happened in Prague in1939.

world student day

The world as a whole is slowly understanding that it was never necessary to label a person through color, culture or belief. The significance lies in become aware of the contribution that all human beings can make to humanity, global development and reuniting with each other. Reuniting humankind nurtures the sharing of universal energy; instead of separation and delegation we can experience totality and nature harmony. (more…)

Avoid the Inner and Outer Mind Monsters

The so-called mind monsters that were discussed in the recent article “Monsters, Monster Everyone” are always a part of our human existence. These monsters are nothing more than conditioned mental / emotional behavior. Everyone is conditioned in one way or another, everyone has thoughts and everybody has feelings. All object are experiencing the manifestation of life energy / universal consciousness. Therefore it is acceptable to say that we are experiencing this life energy through manipulations and restrictions caused by our form existence mental / emotional behavior. This energy is influenced by localized brain energy activities (thoughts / emotions). Now let’s consider the question about how to avoid the monsters (them or it) that come from other people and the monsters within each of us.


They can be avoided by “not” avoiding them. Avoiding thoughts and emotions is not is not even really possible. How would a person avoid the nature evolutionary processes of our species? We can’t. Thinking and feeling is a part of any life-forms existence. The conditioned reactions to others and the conditioned responses that come from our own conditioning is however, something completely different.

We can radically change how we see any person, situation or ourselves through more awareness to the mind’s games, the programmed feelings and existence conditioning as a whole.


Me or I? That is the Question

Me and I almost sounds like the title of a pop song. These are two words that could be substituted with the word “observer”. These two words symbolize one and the same observer. This observer is often existing in a state of unawareness. This results in the “one” seeing everything from “two” perspectives. I wish to express this to you in a poem.

Me or I

Who am I really?

The me or the I?

I experience life.

There is a truth that I know.

I feel the truth.

I feel freedom and fulfillment.

I feel life.

I, actually feel it all.


Monsters, Monsters Everywhere

There are monsters lurking everywhere. These monsters may not be in the places that you would expect. They are not in the shadows. These monsters are not hiding in the basement or behind a door. The real monsters in our existence are directly in front of you. They are sometimes disguised as a man, woman or child. These terrifying monsters surround you. They are always ready to attack at any moment.



You usually don’t see them; this is because you are also a monster. The monsters we are talking about are in you, other people and other objects. They will appear in a moment of unconscious behavior. How can you identify any given monster? Their characteristics are well known to everyone but often tolerated, even accepted as “normal”. There is ego, emotions, conditioning and anger to name a few. These are more deadly then the monsters from our nightmares or fantasies. They will pounce on you and devour you if you allow it to happen. (more…)

Mirror, Mirror I am all that is to be Seen

Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am everything I see. Have you every caught yourself in a moment of thought about someone? Have you every considered that the person that you confront is really a confrontation with yourself? A mirror image is an example of seeing yourself. But have you ever really looked at the image in the mirror. We can only do this when we release most or all restrictions of the mind.


There is knowledge of unification that resides deep in the recesses of life energy consciousness. This suggests that energy always has a given intelligence. Whether this intelligence is genetic or object imposed is debatable; but irrelevant for our discussion. Where and how this energy started is unknown. How and why it is there is unimportant. It is there, that is why you and I are here. That is the common denominator that unites everything.

This is “that” certain something that is always there when you look into a mirror. Even the mirror itself manifests and releases life energy consciousness. This is naturally true for every object you will encounter. This is what is sensed when we deeply and consciously observe anything. There may be a three step process involved in the act of observing something. (more…)

Vacation Together in Nepal: Meet and Reunite as One

I had recent written an article about a vacation tour and hiking company in Nepal. I have had an opportunity to become more acquainted with the company through conversations with Sujan Sitaula. He owns the company and coordinates vacation packages for people interested in the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains, Nepal and Buddhism.

I chatted with Sujan about my interest in a vacation to Nepal with a group of five to ten people in 2017 during the Tanguche Monastery Festival in November. He assured me that he could put together a vacation package that would accommodate our plans and wishes.



Would there be any individuals that are interesting in combining vacation plans as a group trip to Nepal? I felt that this would be a marvelous opportunity. It would give individuals that have met here online a chance to meet in person. It would also be a wonderful experience for individuals that have awakened to, or are awakening to a higher level of conscious existence in life. There are also the cultural and scenic possibilities to consider. I will not be able to accompany the group on the trip. I would be honored to assist in the planning of this vacation but can not commit myself to partaking in it at this time. I do hope to eventually take a group vacation with others if such an opportunity presents itself at a later date.

Here is a short description of the company for those that may not have read the previous article.

Beside The Himalayan Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd is an authorized Trekking and Tour agencies of the Nepal government, launched by a dedicated team with useful knowledge and more than a decade of experience in the discipline of Trekking, Tour guiding, Peak climbing, Rafting, Jungle safari, Expedition, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Flight, Hiking, Sight Seeing and other adventurous activities. Sujan wishes to provide all visitors with a memorable vacation experience. (more…)

Knowledge of Life

There is a universal knowledge that we are engulfed in and it is manifesting through us. We have called this knowledge by many different names over thousands of years. The labels we have placed on this knowledge are numerous. Human existence appears filled with conflicts. These are not necessarily physical conflicts. There are difficulties much worst than the physical confrontations within our existence.


These are mental and emotional manipulations and restrictions. Universal knowledge can first be fully experienced when we have cleared a space in our existence for this knowledge.

There are barriers of the mind and were created solely by the mind. The individual and collective mind invokes countless energy vibrations that can be damaging; when not seen in their true form.  The lack of awareness to this energy source nurtures the feeling of separation between yourself (life-form) and the flow of this energy (totality). The incapability to accept that there is “something” there that doesn’t need defining often isolates people from its actuality.  (more…)

Free without Demands: A Poem

Being free without worldly demands is possible. The word free in itself is just a word. The knowledge of what this entails is however something quite different. The human heart, the mind and consciousness all sense the truth of this word. Being free is something that only you can experience when you are ready. Serenity is there in each moment.


The world of humankind will always demand. However this is basically an illusion portrayed by your own inner understand of how you see yourself and everything beyond your own form. This can change through a shift in self-perspective. The world will continue to demand if you allow it. This also does not mean that you must mentally or physically undertake any action or response to stop experiencing this feeling of the world wanting something from you.

It involves releasing the plaguing thoughts that often dominate our daily activities. This simple shift in how you response to your own thoughts can open up more and more space in each experience. (more…)

Glauben oder Wissen?

Glauben ist gut, wissen ist besser, so heißt den Spruch. Hort sich gut an, aber was bedeutet das Wort? Ein Wort ist nur ein Wort; ob wir von glauben oder von wissen sprechen. Nur es gibt noch was wir irgendwie Tief vergraben haben, Tief in den Raum unseren eignenden Kopf.


Dort können wir eine Wahrheit finden, wobei Wort oder Tat ist nicht gebraucht. Dort entstand das Ursprüngliche Wissen, ein Wissens die uns mit das Leben wieder vereinigen könnte. Wir müssen nur auf das Wissen zuhören können, und bereit darauf zugehen zu können.

Hier habe ich ein kleines Gedicht für euch. Alles Liebe. (more…)

Localized Consciousness: The Key to Life

Localized consciousness originates within the energy field of the mind. Becoming aware of this consciousness; whether we speak of self-consciousness or universal consciousness could be considered unreliable. I suggest this because It is never the thought, word or action that defines consciousness. Consciousness is the whole. This truly means everything, including our mind, thoughts and localized consciousness.



The significance lies in awakening and accepting that we are a part of this life energy consciousness; this also means that we are “it”. Therefore for practical human purposes we can say that consciousness is “localized” simply because we (the manifestation of universal consciousness through this human body) choose to call this awareness to consciousness…localized consciousness.

The fact that we are awakening to the dimension of universal consciousness (which is actually localized + universal = oneness) gives us an opportunity in each moment to co-create with the field of life energy consciousness. We can… and do create through our intentions, but not specifically because these are localized intentions. It is because we are simply opening the portal to this dimension of universal consciousness through true awareness, then acceptance and eventually allowing it to flow. We become what we intend or wish, if it is truly in synchronicity with the flow that originates in the void of universal life energy consciousness. (more…)

The Beauty of a Woman

Hello everyone,

I wish you a day filled with joy and love. I wish you a moment of fulfillment. Hopefully the experiences of that one moment will contribute to a better understanding of the person, the self and life. All three are one and the same. I have included a poem below. It is about the beauty of a woman. It is about the joy of caring and of love.


The Beauty of a Woman

I met a woman.
There was joy. There was happiness.

There was so much within this one first glance.
There she stood.
Our eyes locked.

I was here, there and no where.
Magically flowers appear; the sun was shining.

The moment was enchanted.
I dove into the depth of your eyes.
I was lost, trapped in their beauty.
Your eyes hold the universe, planets and stars.

There is wisdom within you.

The spirit of it all is there to be found.

You gladly share this with everyone.

It is a beauty found beyond the mind,
It is a truth that is felt.

It is the joy of life, shining within and without.
A beauty nurtured by experience.

Every experience strengthens its radiance.

I see love,
I see hope shining so bright
This woman stands before me.

The experiences have been many.

Her curiosity remains unyielding.

Her body knows the seasons.

It had not always been as she had wished.

There within her is also concern.
There in her eyes are sadness and despair.
There is a real beauty within this woman.

It is the beauty of one who cares.

She lives, she tries, and she reaches for love.

This is her dream.

It is a dream of joy and of love.

The spirit shares with her wisdom.

Her body is of beauty.
There is joy of love.

There is hope for tomorrow.
I feel all of this.
There we stood cheek to cheek.
The beauty of this woman… known to all but truly seen by few

Belle Picture © Walt Disney